What ages do you teach? 

Children from age 7 onwards  and adults.

What grades do you teach? 

All grades up to and including grade 8.

Do you only teach acoustic?

No.  Although Chris teaches up to grade 8 classical, he is also an expert in electric guitar.  Listen to his Rock sample on the home page and you'll see what we mean!

I'm a complete beginner - does that matter? 

Not at all.  Chris teaches the full range of experience - from people who have never picked up a guitar before to those who are seasoned guitar players.  

Do you teach students in their own home? 

We only offer tuition from our purpose built studio in Leamington Spa.  It is a 5 minute walk from the town centre or, if you are driving, there is on-street parking available. 

Can I wait whilst my child has a lesson?

Of course.   There is free wifi available and  tea or coffee whilst you wait.

I haven't played guitar before - can I start with an electric?

It is entirely up to you. There are advantages in starting with an acoustic, however,  you can start with electric if that's where your interest lies.

l'm interested in playing electric guitar but don't have an instrument yet, do you loan instruments?

 We have a number of guitars and amplifiers available for loan at low rates.  When and if you are ready to make a purchase,  Chris can help with advice and guidance on what to buy.

Do I need to learn to read music?

Some of the best musicians never learned to read music (George Benson is a case in point).  It is entirely up to you, you can play by ear or use tableture.  Ultimately  though,  there are advantages to learning to read standard notation.

Do you teach improvisation?

Of course. Being able to make something up on the fly is an important part of being a musician and is also great fun. It helps with creating your own songs and tunes.